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Obsession >_>'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Obsession >_>

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[01 Jan 1990|01:24pm]


HALT. this journal is friends only. Please comment to be added.

Why friends only? Well, I'm a bit protective over my stuff being distributed without credit and/or my permission. So basically, if you're added to this journal and I find my images posted someone on the net WITHOUT permission, I can pinpoint it right back to you :). There are leeches and stealers out on the net, and I can easily find you through a friends only journal

Abit over protective? No, not really. It's just that I work hard on my romanizations and I like to scan stuff from my rare photobooks of Nightmare and Sendai Kamotsu, so I don't want to see my stuff up without proper credit.

Credit</b>. I you use ANYTHING from this site, please give credit to this lj, yomi OR http://nightmare.chusha-ki.net :) unless noted otherwise.

Comment to be added. 99.9% you'll be added back :3

10 * メリーゴーランド

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